Fluffy Time Buns

Local small business in Melbourne. Purveyor of helpful and innovative products for bunny rabbits and their human fans. 10% of purchases support Australian animal rescues saving rabbits. Free delivery for purchases over $65 Australia-wide. 

Mobile rabbit grooming also provided throughout Melbourne and now to Geelong too🐇

Mobile Grooming for short-haired bunnies

We come to you and take the hassle of bunny-brushing and nail trimming off your hands and clothes.

🚗 Servicing most areas of Melbourne, Mornington, and Geelong. Fully insured.

💲 Payment methods: Cash or Bank Transfer at time of service.

📲 Contact us for a quote.

All equipment and clothing are santised with alcohol or F10 Veterinary disinfectant between visits.


Starting prices for short-hair grooming

Prices are subject to the size of your bunny, the number of bunnies for the appointment, the condition of your bunny,  and geographical location.

Brushing prices:

🐇 Under 2kg:  from $40 for 1 bun, $35 each for 2 or more buns.

🐇 2-3kg: from $50 for 1 bun, $45 each for 2 or more buns.

🐇 over 3kg: from $60 for 1 bun, $55 each for 2 or more buns.

• Bunny butt Brazilian, $10 with brushing, $20 alone.

• Nail trim $10 with brushing, $20 alone.

💜 Free nail trim after every 5th visit (cost of travel not included)

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About Us

LeLe, the Fluffy Time lady

An an owner of 3 short-haired bunnies I understand the plague of loose fur in the house. 

Grooming is a messy job and takes a bit of time. You may also face the bunny-butt afterwards and need to bribe your way back into your bunny's good books. Let Fluffy Time Buns take care of it all.

We also bake own treats with fresh produce from the markets. All treats are vetted by our QA Team, Poopsy, Misty and Patty-Cake.

Thank you for pampering us ♥️🥰 and the yummy treats too 😍💓

S. Thomson
@thethompsonspawesome it was my pleasure. Thank you for letting me kiss and cuddle your floofs.